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When the Metaverse may achieve the next advancement of the digital economy, that is, virtual reality supported by technologies such as VR and AR, it brings new opportunities and challenges to our existing lives. In the face of emerging technologies, how to better embrace and absorb them, and how to apply them to public spaces, so that the existing spaces can be expressed and presented in a more diverse and richer way, this inter-embedded approach is worth learning and thinking about.




In this case, the design team planned the space according to the development characteristics of "City of Glory". Starting from the elements of the island, the digital space of the "metaverse" was embedded into the design, and technology and space collided into circular islands connected one by one. , and express it in space with abstract design techniques. The juxtaposition of artistic sense and commercialization advocates expressing the artistic beauty of future nature in the form of "river and island/sea light" and "future island", and creates a benchmark for the new era.










The galaxy is hot, and the bright moon is cool.

All the good things we have seen seem to be related to the moon.




The stars are hot and the moon is cool. All the beauty we have seen seems to be related to the moon. Under the condition of high and wide space, the designer guides the center of gravity of the space with an array-type disc device to outline a mysterious "moonlight tunnel". , bring the moon back to earth and light up the beauty."



The table lamps on both sides of the front desk use exquisite and unique designs to increase the sense of ritual and art in the space. The collision of metal and light endows the front hall with rich layer changes, which are quiet but gorgeous, bringing immersive viewing experience to the audience. , to improve and supplement the existing space.




The elements of streamline combined with optoelectronic technology create an immersive "fantasy of the future", giving people an infinite reverie space, guiding viewers to explore inward, and truly presenting a new world of virtual reality.



The sand table area uses arcs and light to add an ethereal, quiet and free situational atmosphere to the city's buildings. The semi-enclosed space structure not only distinguishes the functional attributes of different spaces, but also brings a sense of belonging and intimacy to the home.



The future technology-sensing art installation with Xuhui Bear as the protagonist uses the new concept of "metaverse" to obtain real-time on-site experience, thus becoming the focus of the negotiation space.



The colorful pictures are dreamy and advanced, and the simple and smooth facade lines complement each other with brilliant colors, making the space present a different kind of exquisite and fashionable style.



In the center, space bears are integrated into time and space. Through the transparent acrylic and the elements of time and space overlap, all the energy extends from the ground and the top to the bears. Feel the energy field like the light of the sea, and imagine the new future.





The water bar area uses warm yellow light color to create the highlight color of the space, creating a sense of time and space overlap in the slightly dim atmosphere, so that customers can travel freely and comfortably and enjoy the beauty of life.


The semi-wrapped seating layout clearly defines an independent and open book bar area. The cylindrical multimedia wall not only provides soft lighting to the space, but also echoes the soft furnishings.



The seat cushion for leaning on is redesigned by extracting the elements of rivers and rivers, incorporating the oriental concept of combining rigidity and softness, and adding delicate details to the metal and soft bags.





The design of the dressing room is simple and clear, full of sci-fi futuristic feeling. The ceiling at the top is like a sky full of stars in the night, and the gentle and poetic sway of the faint light gives a real feeling of the scattered fireworks in this world.






The rising sun is the revelation of a new day. Through the window, the sun is scattered in the distance, changing from pale yellow to crimson, followed by golden light.





Glory City expands practical application scenarios with the virtuality and reality of the "metaverse" world, and creates a mirror world parallel to the real world, which is interconnected and splendid.



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